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Lazard Deusericus

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Anonymous asked: Hey Director, haven't talked to you in a while, is everything ok? :(

"Everything is all right. I am simply in the middle of renovations with my assistant."

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Anonymous asked: You're stuck in a bed with Rufus and Tseng.

"I would wonder how I would be stuck to a bed, as you put it grey face. Did someone use the science department’s experimental super glue on my behind? And why Rufus and Tseng, may I inquire? After all, the vice-president is my younger brother and Tseng, his ever faithful Turk."

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turk-of-mischief asked: And now from my regular blog. You are awesomeness.

"Thank you very much. I will endeavour to keep up my ‘awesomeness’."

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Anonymous asked: Well, I think you are awesome. And you certainly do your job better than any of the other Shinra executives.

Lazard hummed a bit under his breath as he placed his chin on a gloved hand. “Really? That’s something. Do you mind coming off of anon to tell me this? I’m curious as to who you truly are.”

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A Note From the Assistant

Hiya! Crisis here. So, we’re back after a very long hiatus and I think it’s about time we do an overhaul of Lazard’s office. Which means, perhaps, better visuals and formats and the like. Also, we’re hoping to bring back Lazard’s live feeds although we might put it to only every two weeks instead of every week. We’ll see.

But thank you for staying with us everyone! It’s great to be back!

Also, while you wait with bated breath for the long coming overhauls, why not take a step to SOLDIER Sagacity or the more popular Turk Tips? SS is run by myself and TT is run by my Turk counterpart, Megami.

That’s it for now. See you all soon! Hopefully live! Not this week though we need to renovate the office!!


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Anonymous asked: How are you so incredibly awesome?

"Hahahaha….I am not awesome. I am simply a man trying to do his job to the best of his ability."

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Anonymous asked: Of course we missed you!

A smile and then a chuckle. “Good to know that I was miss during my absence.”

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever wanted to have sex with Zack? If so, how? If not, how would you do it now that you're thinking about it?

"No, I have not. And why not? Zack is a minor. I am not thinking of it. Good day.”

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Anonymous asked: Do you find Rufus to be extremely adorable?

"My little brother is the most adorable little brother in the world. Especially when he’s plotting agains our old man, destroyign the livelihoods of various people, expecting his Turks to catch him when he jumps off of buildings or being a pain in my backside."

Throughout that list, the blond executive simply smiled pleasantly. As if he hadn’t named off all of Rufus’ bad and odd points.

"He is absolutely adorable.”

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